I am a talent expert, mentor and HR consultant. I discover Talents and coach them. I advise people on how they can develop their professional careers and achieve specific professional goals. I help companies implement Talent management, Performance and Leadership programmes based on Talent and Strengths development. I assist managers and HR specialists in creating a workplace which is people-friendly and effective for business. I work with individuals and companies.

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My story

As long as I can remember, I have always dreamt about having something of my own. I thought of various business opportunities, I observed what other people did and how they did it, I learnt new things and then… I watched other people make use of my ideas. I have worked for 20 years as a leader and a manager in large international corporations, including Philips, LG Philips, Shell, Genpact, Heineken. I changed companies, professions and places, always searching for ‘the role of my life’. I have been a Human Resources Director, Quality Manager and HR Operations Director. I have completed post-graduate studies in four subjects. I am a Gallup Institute certified Strengths Coach (one of only four in Poland).

On turning forty (at last!), I courageously began my career as an independent professional. You may be wondering why. First of all, I realized that life does not last forever and I cannot just dream about having my own company. I HAD TO DO IT. Secondly, I understood what was most important for me and accepted the way I am. Independence, close relationships, professional and personal development. My family. People. Work. These are my values. I hate routine. I am one of those people who have their own ideas and opinions. If I don’t like something, you will know pretty quickly. On the other hand, when I am convinced that something is right, I will give it my 100%.


The corporation – an important stage in my life

I am not one of those people who leave their corporate job to have a life… Let’s be clear about this: I very much enjoyed having a full time job. I liked it. Especially the HUMAN aspect of it. Through my work, I met lots of interesting people. I learned a lot. My salary paid my bills and more. I know how corporations operate. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think they are bad. It is some of the practices that are bad: overgrown and complicated procedures, which are of little value to both business and people. As a result both business and people suffer. It doesn’t need to be like this.


When I can help you

The subject of work appears quite often in my conversations with people. It is frightening how many people are unhappy in their jobs. There are numerous reasons for this. Sometimes it results from a poor match to the job. The boss is a frequent cause of frustration as is an inability to deal with difficult situations. Almost always, the cause is a poor knowledge of oneself: one’s values, needs, limits and TALENTS.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Work can be fun. Through your work, you can realise your ambitions, prove yourself, achieve and find fulfilment. You can and should be happy in your job. If you are not, then you should try to change something: in yourself or your work. My role is to help in such situations.


How I can help you

You will discover, believe and start acting on your true potential to meet your professional aspirations. You will find your dreamed job. The job that satisfies you, brings good money and makes you independent.

How can I help business

I help managers create an exceptional workplace. Where people and results count as much. I develop managers to be great „people managers”. Thanks to this people come to work willingly and engage in what they do. This approach brings proven results!



Achiever, Ideation, Relator, Individualization, Arranger

(my strengths according to the Gallup test)

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Professional profile

Key experiences and major projects


Senior HR Business Partner EU, Country HRM Poland ; BPO managing HR team of 14 people, providing support for  5 business lines, population of 1500 people based in Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, Czech Republic , Hungary, Spain)

  • Change management project in reorganizing the service delivery model / transfer of the transactional activities from EU to India
  • People Mgt model for SAP consulting business line in NL
  • Restructuring and sale of the IT Office in Spain
  • Building and managing the virtual HR teams (Poland, Europe)

(Human Resources Manager, SSC, leading the HR team of 20 people; providing support for global functions in HR,  Finance, Customer Service, Procurement; population of 1700 people based in Krakow)

  • Optimizing the global process of candidates offering
  • Branding and recruitments strategies leading to hiring more than  1000 people
  • Effective learning based on 70:20:10 approach
  • Managing diversity
  • Engagement culture Project
  • High performance culture
  • Talent management
  • Homeworking
  • Change management in transferring the transactional finance activities to Asia
  • HR KPI model

(Operations Manager of HR Services SSC,  building the capability of the HR service delivery operations, managing the team of  90+ front line agents ; providing support in global HR processes for Europe, Africa, Latin America , Russia)

  • building the capability of the front Line support for HR services (hiring, training, service  delivery ; bilingual teams (9 languages spoken),
  • Building the capability of the business analytics team (for monitoring and improving :quality, performance , communication)
LG.Philips Displays Czech Republic s.r.o.

(Human Resources  Mgr B2B, technology, manufacturing , 1400 FTE, managing the HR team of 19 people  )

  • Cost efficiency programs for people related processes
  • Performance management
  • Change management in restructuring (downsizing)
Philips, LG Philips

(Human Resources and Continuous Improvement  Mgr/ Deputy Plant director B2B, technology, manufacturing  300+ FTE, managing teams of HR and CI/ Quality )

  • Competence model, performance management, job evaluation, Leadership Academy
  • Total Quality Management (Hoshin, Kaizen, SPS, 6 sigma)
  • Integrated quality management system ISO 9001:2000
  • Customer service standards rewarded by SONY and Thomson
UGIMAG , Carbone Lorraine Group

(Human Resources- B2B, technology ,manufacturing 150 FTE)

  • Disentanglement from Philips
  • Trade Union negotiations (new Labour Contract)

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Education and professional activities

Education: University of Łódź, Management and Marketing, discipline Human Resources Management

Social psychology in managing organizational development (SWPS), Quality Management (SGH),Labor   Law  (UŁ),  Psycho- dietetics (SWPS)

Additional qualifications:

In leadership: Certified trainer of Situational leadership II (Blanchard Institute, London) , coaching, change mgt, stakeholders mgt, influencing

In HR: Talent management, performance management , employee relation,  internal trainer, training effectiveness, Hay’s job evaluation system

In Quality: Green Belt  project mgt, quality tools, Kaizen, 5S, benchmarking,  SPC, auditor of integrated quality system  (quality, safety, environment)

Professional activities:

Speaker at :

  • XIX Kongres Kadry;  May 2014 Warsaw
  • HR in business processes centres and  IT;  AG Test , October 2014 Krakow
  • HR processes in the shared service centres; MMC,  November 2014, Warsaw
  • IX  Kongres MBA –  A run for talent,  Maj 2013, UE, Krakow

Co-author  of the postgraduate studies at  Krakowska Szkoła Biznesu (UE) : Managing the centre of  business processes.

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