Your Talent Your Power.



Sylwia is an excellent advisor. I could count her support always. I used it especially in these complex situations where any solutions seem to be good. Thanks to her analytical and creative mind she has the ability to look at things differently and find the new and best way. Piotr Dziwok

Country Chair - Shell Companies in Poland, General Manager Shell Business Operations Krakow

What I really appreciated was that she was critical in a positive manner towards her boss, being one of the few people in the team who said what she thought in a frank and open way. Linze Boonstra

Former business manager DYC Cores, Philips Electronics

Sylwia has made a significant and a very positive contribution in our organization. We have been very happy with her performance and feel that she has helped us to make a step change in the quality of HR processes (engagement, communication, HR business partnering, leadership development, change management). Sylwia was employed as the consultant but she became a key valued and trusted member of the HGSS leadership team and has fully committed professionally and personally to the success of HGSS. John Lyons

Director Finance Shared Services, Heineken Krakow

Telling the truth working with Sylwia is not so easy:
I have known Sylwia for several years, we have a history of close professional collaboration. I value her for a number of qualities – her approach to business, her drive to develop and improve, and her tremendous knowledge of HR discipline – I could go on like that for ages. The coaching and advice she offered me in various moments of my life was priceless! ‘Don’t think about pink elephants’, ‘Focus’, ‘First things first’… and many other. These are still on my mind. The power and energy to live at your best and overcoming all barriers, that is what I value most about our relationship. She has passed all this on to me in full. Boosting energy and inspiring others are definitely part of her DNA. Sylwia – thank you!

What did Strengths Coaching mean for me? It was a breakthrough, a wonderful experience and rediscovery of myself. It made me realise that my strengths, which I didn’t appreciate, were really important and that I should be making full use of them. All this has resulted in me being more courageous when making decision, taking on new challenges and adapting more easily to change. Now I can not only grow myself, but also help others to grow.
P.S. One more thing – I think I benefited so much from the coaching thanks to having a great coach– as without her there would be no Power!

For me talking with Sylwia is very inspirational and motivating me to develop further. Karolina Zygmunt-Glaba

HR Manager, Genpact PL sp.zoo

Strengths coaching with Sylwia gave me the power to act and increased my self-awareness in relation to my approach to work. What is working? I try to draw on the experience of the many people I work with every day. I make time in my diary for thinking things over, plus I mark quick wins when setting priorities (it works!). For me the sessions was a mixture of inspiration, systematisation of issues and motivation for further development and action. I am very grateful for that! This was my first coaching programme and it is definitely not the last! Patrycja