If you want to get somewhere, find someone who has already been there.

Robert Kiyosaki

When I started my first job as an HR Manager 18 years ago, I could offer little more than great enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard. I can still remember the stress and the late working hours during my first negotiations with trade unions, the first restructuring of the company or the first factory expansion project. My boss was the CEO. I could rely on his support, but with respect to most HR issues he relied on me.

I experienced responsibility. And I could feel that the method of learning from your own mistakes worked, but took a long time and was often painful. To learn more, I read professional magazines, books, and participated in trainings. This method of learning made me realize that there is a huge gap between theory and practice.


Several years later, in a different position and in a different company, I worked on a project to change the organizational culture of the company. The project was large and new to me. I asked for external support. And that’s how my first collaboration with an external consultant began.

I was quick to discover and appreciate the value of Danusia’s experience, which was much more extensive than what I needed for the project we were working on. The project lasted a year and proved to be a huge success. But my cooperation with Danusia lasted much longer.

Danusia was my mentor for the following several years (of course, I didn’t know the term at the time). We enjoyed a very good relationship. We trusted each other as usually happens with your best friends. I consulted important professional matters with her. I asked her questions, sought advice and contested solutions. It wasn’t always nice and sweet, but always to the point of the merits and on adding value.

I have benefited from mentoring on several other occasions since. In a conscious and formal way with a specific goal in mind.

Working with a mentor enabled me to quickly increase the range of my professional competencies. As a bonus, I always got a gigantic portion of self-assurance and conviction that I could achieve a great deal.

Now I want to provide the same for you.

If your professional challenge involves:

  • Team work
  • Business relations building and maintaining
  • Talent management
  • Learning and development
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Change management
  • Effectiveness of HR processes
  • If you want to quickly develop your competencies in this area
  • If you want to develop specific solutions
  • If you are looking for proven methods, approaches and tools
  • If you want to discuss or verify some issue, approach or challenge
  • If you need technical support or inspiration

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