Correcting weaknesses prevents failure, developing strengths leads to success.


I will start by dispelling the myth that is now associated with the term ‘talent’. Talent is not a privilege of the chosen few. We all have talents, as talent is an inborn, natural way of thinking, feeling and acting. You don’t need to be able to dance, sing or to be an Olympic champion. But you need to identify your talent and to develop it if you are to succeed. What makes me so certain about this? It is the evidence in the form of facts and figures. Look around you at successful people. What makes them so unusual? Let’s take for example respected business leaders, such as Richard Branson or Steve Jobs. Their biographies demonstrate that you do not need to be all things to all people. It’s enough to know what you are good at and to focus on that. Invest in what you are good at and offer that to others. Just like that. You need to identify your talent and trust in yourself, and work, work hard… And then the work will give you joy and satisfaction – that’s guaranteed. And the success will come. You will decide when and what kind.

You will be interested in my offer if:

Developing Talents is your job:

  • you are a company’s boss, leader or people manager
  • you are responsible for talent or human resource development in your organisation
  • you are an HR manager supporting development.

You want to feel fulfilled in your job:

  • achieve a specific professional goal (i.e. promotion)
  • do what you are best at every day
  • gain self-assurance in what you do and how you do it

You want to discover and unleash your potential:

  • get to know yourself better and use your natural talents more effectively
  • achieve a specific professional goal (i.e. open your own business)
  • make effective use of your StrengthsFinder® profile

You need a revolutionary change in your life:

  • change your job or profession
  • open your own business
  • after coming back to work from a long maternity or other break
  • start all from the beginning

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Turning Talent into Success – the process

The process involves four basic steps:

  1. Identify your Talentsusing a StrengthsFinder® profile. You will receive a Gallup report on your Top 5 Talents. Do you know, that the probability of another person with the same result as yours in the whole world is like 1 to 33 million?!
  2. Define your goal.How do you want to use what you learnt about yourself ? What specifically do you want to achieve and when? Strengths Coaching is results-driven. Getting to know yourself better is a good goal to start with.
  3. Recognize, name and appreciate your Talents.At this stage you get report and you can verify it with my help. It is a very powerful experience and absolutely fundamental. If you decide to stop at the step number one (your StrengthsFinder® profile) you’ll experience a brief positive boost in your attitudes (it feels nice to read about your talents) but little more will follow.
  4. Achieve goals using your Talents.As your coach I’ll help you to involve your talents in an informed way so as to help you achieve your goal. I will support you in persevering on your path to success. We will prepare an action plan and a support system which will be suited to your needs. Action is in your hands but I’ll be there to support you.

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