Correcting weaknesses prevents from failure, developing strengths leads to success.


Companies want engaged employees. Managers are the ones with the greatest influence on the level of this engagement. It is their task to create a people-friendly work environment. The Gallup Institute studies show that managers, who focus on the strengths of their employees, are 6 times more likely to achieve employee engagement. The productivity of their teams is 12.5% higher.

If you want to be a good manager, improve your achievements and the achievements of your team and your company, then take advantage of the following programme:

Turning Talent into Results

The programme comprises three modules: Strengths Manager, Strengths Team, Strengths Company. The modules can be used separately or as a single integrated programme.

  1. Strengths Manager.There are no shortcuts on the road to development. You have to start this journey from yourself – even when you are a People Manager, or especially when you are one. So if are a People Manager, by working with me you can:
    • Define your Talent profile using the StrengthsFinder®
    • Develop your own Talents and Strengths
    • Achieve your professional goal
    • Learn how your profile shapes the way you work with people
    • Develop your Talent growth action plan
    • Define tangible goals you want to achieve working with your team
  2. Strengths Team.Team work requires individuals to contribute their individual qualities to achieve a team goal. That is why the Strengths journey starts at individual level, and only later is followed with the whole Team in the Strengths Workshop. Working with me your team will:
    • Discover their talents using the StrengthsFinder® profile – individually for everyone involved
    • Develop via Strengths Coaching – individually for everyone involved
    • Work out Team Strengths map and Development Plan
    • Work out business goals delivery plan
    • Build an engaged Strengths Team
    • RESULTS!
  3. Strengths Company.Companies want engaged employees and achievements on an ongoing basis. To achieve this, they must look to their managers and ensure a friendly work environment. Strengths form a basis for following processes: Recruitment and Selection, On-boarding, Development, Talents and Performance. The Gallup Institute studies proves that employee engagement can benefit your company with:
    • 22% higher profitability
    • 21% higher productivity
    • 10% higher customer ratings
    • 41% less quality defects
    • 25% lower employee rotation
    • 37% less accidents in the work place
    • 37% lower employee absence

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